Terms & Conditions

•  50% Non-Refundable deposit is required upon booking all events.

•  40 Days notice is required to cancel or reschedule the date of your event, or you will be responsible for the FULL cost of the party.

•  The party may be cancelled without penalties 40 days prior to the event EXCLUDING the non-refundable deposit. 

• Cancelation policies remain in effect regardless of Covid-19 status or any Covid related concerns as well as any other types of sickness. 

• In these trying times you undertstand the risk involved booking an event that Covid concerns can arrise.

•  Upon paying the deposit, you agree to all terms and conditions of the event. 

•  The remainder of the party, add on items, additional guests, and all additional charges will be charged at the end of the event and payment is due at that time. 

•  A 3% credit card fee will be charged to all credit card payments.

•  A  20% Service Charge will be added to all events. The service charge is for our "Imagination Explorer" team.

•  We charge a set up fee for additional items dropped off not included in the package. $100 minimum depending on the amount. Including outside catering and décor

•  The current sales tax rate will be added to all bills.

•  We must have a complete guest count, children and adults 3 weeks prior to the event.

•  For all personalized kids favors, we must have the full list of names 30 days prior to the event.

•  A responsible adult must accompany each child. 

•  There are no shoes allowed in the play area, all guests must wear socks. If a guest forgets them no worries, we sell them for $2 at the front desk. 

• If your party makes an excessive mess, we charge a minimum $500 cleaning fee. Additional fees can and will be charged for steam cleaning or damage done to our playground or the equipment in the playground. 

•  All outside vendors and activities must be approved first. Upon approval of an outside vendor, a 
$30 vendor fee will apply. 

•  Babies 9 months and under are no charge for events.

•  All events over 20 children require additional staff at $25 an hour (3 hour minimum).

•  For a large quantity of outside rentals, we may ask for an additional deposit for the event.

•  Since we specialize in event planning, the use of an outside party planner is an additional $300 charge.

•  Each additional hour added to an event is $350 pending availability. It must be booked in advance to block off those times.

•  If you and your guests stay more than 15 minutes past your event time ends, you will be charged for the hour.  We have 1 hour in between events to clean, sanitize, and get it ready for the next party. ​

•  A cleaning fee of $200 will be applied to your final bill if your party leaves an excessive mess in either the dining area or the playroom floor. (For example, if playroom furniture is knocked over or all the items from the grocery store are thrown all over the jungle gym, or if excessive amounts of food and beverage are squished into the dining room floor.) We want you to have a relaxing party experience where you don't have to worry about cleaning up after your guests but in certain cases the guests will need to clean up after themselves if you want to avoid the additional cleaning fee. *If steam cleaning is required because of urine, beverage, or other hard-to-remove stains on the playroom floor, cleaning fee will be $500.